Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rated G

for: G -ive me a break.

As you probably heard by now Steven Speilberg’s movie, “Munich”, depicts the Mossad as trigger happy militants.

The facts remain that 11 Israeli Olympians were murdered. Their murderers were snuffed out by the mossad. Justice, albeit fractionally, prevailed. This is rudimentary humanism. What, pray tell, could have contorted Spielberg’s imagination to produce this drivel?

Sorry Steve, the concept of good and evil exists. People killing people is evil. Arabs killing Jews is evil. Evil is bad. Do you subscribe to relativism? Would relativism suit you if one of these lowlives were to violently malign you or your family? Is relativism your opium for appeasement?

Or are you petrified like the rest of us?

Monday, November 21, 2005

I Was looking fo some dessert on ebay and...


This very intriguing book is an anthology of documents and historical information required for the creation of the Jewish Sanhedrin of King Napoleon. It also contains tefillos and songs dedicated for King Napoleon and his kingship, his army and his success in ruling by Rabbi Abraham de Cologna, who served as Rabbi of Triste & Mantova, and was the vice-president of the Grand Sanhedrin and president of the Central Consistory.

In France the revolutionaries’ National Assembly debated whether the principle of “Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood” should apply to the Jews. After two years, in September 1791, Jews were granted civic freedom, and Napoleon then saw it as his task to make good Frenchmen of the Jews.

Incensed by complaints from Alsace about Jewish usury, Napoleon called for an Assembly of Jewish Notables, holding sessions from July 1806 to April 1807. The Assembly was made up of 111 rabbis and community leaders, who had to respond to twelve questions about Jewish habits namely: polygamy, divorce, marrying out, French patriotism, relationship towards the Gentiles, obedience to French law, rabbis’ appointment and authority, forbidden professions, and usury. During the last months of the sessions, 71 Jews, mostly rabbis, were appointed to translate the answers of the Assembly into religious binding laws. This was called the Napoleon Sanhedri. Its duty to consider the relationship between Jews and the state.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Never Again? Again and Again

One of the two victims assaulted brutally in Kiev Sunday is in a coma after undergoing brain surgery yesterday. His doctors report that he is hovering "between life and death." Eduard Dolinsky, executive vice-president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine, said that no suspects have been apprehended, despite the fact that the skinheads were seen committing the crime and they "hang out in a public square everyday and the police know them."

Rabbi Meir Kahane (May God avenge his blood) explained "never again" as meaning never will 1 Jew on 1 side of the world remain silent while his brother suffers. This adage has has always been deemed blasphemous.Well, last week 10,000 Jews were expelled out of a land which they paid for with blood sweat and tears. This week the honorable Ukranians reminded us what my Grandpa told me.

Both events did not warrant so much as a peep from United States Jewry.
Jews cry to God - Ad Mosei - Until when God? He cries also - Until when Jews? I don't think Never Again is blasphemy as much as it is fictitious

Friday, August 19, 2005

God Does not abandon His People

-Last evening at the barber shop we, the Jewish Bucharian barbers and myself, were tearfully watching CNN. The reporter reported how the IDF was to meet with the furthest extremists they have met (I think it was kfar darom). They showed footage of these wild savages whose last stronghold was the synagogue.

What we actually saw were the holiest souls crying and praying like I have never witnessed. Seldom have I ever seen poignant images as I saw last night. These souls broke out into the 1970’s version of Ki lo yotosh which means G-d does not abandon His people. A scene that is reminiscent of the holy souls singing Ani Maamin 60 years ago.

G-d does not abandon His people. These holy people have given their lives for G-d, His land and His people. They are the scorn of the world and much of their own brethren. They are being expelled from the very same land that is a part of what they sacrificed so much for. Their thoughts? G-d does not abandon His people.

After some further thought, I realized something. These souls are the quintessential Gods people. G-d does not abandon His people.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Why we need Moshiach more than ever and why he doesn't want to come down

It doesn't need any comment. Ready to serve.

Click Here:

They make strange bedfellows from opposite fringes – ultra-rightists and ultra-Orthodox Jews, joined in an alliance for diverging ends.

Brooklyn-born Moishe Arye Friedman says he's chief rabbi for hundreds of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews in Vienna. He wants formal state recognition of his religious community, and thinks the rightists can help. Gudenus and his cohorts say they have no hidden agenda in supporting Friedman's cause – but they may have something to gain from it.

"For people like this, being seen with an Orthodox Jew is an attempt to gain some legitimacy," says Wolfgang Neugebauer, the recently retired head of the publicly funded office that tracks neo-Nazi trends in Austria. "They try to create an 'alibi Jew' to escape accusations of anti-Semitism."

The rightists sorely need positive publicity.

Their Freedom Party, which shocked Europe in 1999 by winning enough election votes to merit a place in the government, is on the ropes after its less extreme wing bolted to form its own party this year.

Even as official Austria struggles to come to grips with the country's part in the Holocaust during the time it was annexed to Hitler's Third Reich, the hard-liners continue to provoke uproar by sounding like apologists for the Nazis.

Just last month, Gudenus declared anew that whether the gas chambers existed should be "seriously debated." Last week he amended that view to "there were gas chambers, though not in the Third Reich but in Poland." He neglected to mention Mauthausen, 240 kilometers west of Vienna, whose gas chamber killed thousands.

Gudenus is under intense political pressure to give up his seat in Austria's upper legislative chamber.

Meanwhile, Ewald Stadler, former top aide to Joerg Haider (who led the Freedom Party to its 1999 triumph), also continues to stir the pot. He has equated Nazi rule of Austria to the post-World War II occupation by the Allies.

Stadler, who sports a dueling scar on his cheek and revels in the nickname "Doberman," was also at the bar mitzva, beaming as he was dragged into a line of dancing rabbis.
What the rightists and the rabbi share is a campaign against the "Israelite Religious Community," the body formally recognized by the government as representing all Jews in the city, and therefore the channel through which the government doles out support to Jewish schools, synagogues and other establishments.

The set-up, a relic from Austria's imperial past, was ruled unconstitutional in 1982. But the government has yet to rule on Friedman's bid to have his group recognized as a Jewish community independent of and fully equal to the 7,000-member Israelite Religious Community.
While the rightists sometimes cross swords with the group over such issues as compensation for Holocaust victims, Friedman's feud with the recognized Jewish community has grown so bitter that the latter has unsuccessfully sought to have him declared mentally incompetent.
So the rabbi has turned to Stadler, who is one of the country's three "People's Attorneys," or ombudsmen. Stadler says he could not hesitate, and besides, he says he and Friedman see eye-to-eye on important things.

"He has no Nazis in the family and I have no Nazis in my family!" says Stadler, with a grin.
The diminutive Friedman also courts controversy by uttering views that are repudiated by most Jews and in some cases embraced by far-rightists.

Friedman denies Israel's right to exist, saying it is up to God to lead Jews out of the Diaspora. He says Zionist Jews share the blame for the Holocaust, which he sees as punishment for straying from God's path.

Jewish anti-Zionism, on both religious or political grounds, is as old as Zionism itself. But it tends to be a minority view. Friedman is shunned by representatives of the Israelite Religious Community, who accuse him of being on the rightists' payroll – something he does not deny .
"He's a one-man show," says the community's secretary general, Avshalom Hodik. "And Stadler is an extremist. We have extremists attracting each other."

Thursday, June 09, 2005

On Thursday the rabbi got censored...again!!!

On Cross-Currents Ms Toby Katz wrote a response letter to me as follows:

Seeing Is Believing:

I Wrote:You distorted the private letter. The writer implies that teachers and rabbis must be careful with what they say in the capacity of tolerance. The actions commited by those charedim are not necesarily the teachings of their teachers. However, you nor anyone else cannot deny the negative teachings that are being taught in right wing yeshivos.That you bring those stories from the irrational abortion clinic people and the Gore story is just a way to discredit and invalidate the writer. the facts and data remain - there is a problem in our world and its not getting resolved. Any amount of hate monging by our Rabbis, teachers or congregants cannot be tolerated.Maybe I am right some teachers and rebbeim have to learn how to respect others .

Who needs Nazis and Arabs? We Have our own.

I read Marvin Schick on cross Currents.

Seeing is Believing:

He described an incident in Bet Shemesh where Charedim pelted Yom Haatzmeut participators with eggs. This story begs for more publicity. This is not just merely a bad anecdote; this signifies a problem within our people that must be uprooted immediately. It is no secret that vicious hate breeds among some of us right wingers. We right wingers who try to be scrupulous with every nuance within Halacha cannot let this calamity slip by. You have to ask yourself where do these ideas and resulting behavior fester? Too many of our teachers and rabbis are occupied with the ills of all other circles. Our leaders and teachers must focus in on respect not rhetoric. Teachers, Rabbis and any other spokesman that spews hate must be censured or removed. As Mr. Schick ends his blog ..When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?

Friday, May 27, 2005

Bchukosei and Shabbos

To sum up the first Pri Zadok of Bechukosei look at the first and last paragraphs. To get something out of it - look how he gets there. Getting there is half the fun.

Directly preceding Parshas Bechukosei is the posuk that discusses shabbos. Why? The Michilta in Beshalech tells us that Shabbos is chok. It says by Marah Shum sum lo (There He gave them) chok umishpat – Chok is Shabbos and mishpat is honoring one’s parents.

Why is Mishpat Kivud av Vem and Shabbos chok?

Honoring one’s parents is a logical deduction. Chazal tell us in Kedushin and in the Midrash about the wonderful display of honor bestowed upon the parents of certain Akum. Why asks Reb Zadok did Chazal do this? We see that the gemara in Erchun tells us its user to to say kamuh nueh akum zeh? Therefore, Chazal weren’t telling us their masim rather it was a result of their reckoning. The whole world recognizes the mitzvah of Kivud av vem – it epitomizes logic.

Why is Shabbos a chok? First let’s understand what a chok is. The midrash in this weeks parsha tells us that while all kings set forth rules and policies and have their subjects carry them through Hashem performs His rules first. Bchukosei teleichu – the chukim – through these I was chukka – fashioned- the heavens and the earth. Hashem is conveying to us that to go in His path – His Midos - which is the very same medium by which He created the world.

Which mitzvah is to be fulfilled because Hashem wants us to emulate Him? Shabbos. He rested – we rest. What about the mitzvos like tefilin and davening which have Him doing it also? Unlike shabbos those ideas are learned through derashes and not stated outright – keep shabbos because I He created the woeld in six days and He rested on the seventh.

Reb Zadok gives some insight to the whole Marah episode when the Torah says shum sum lo chok umishpat.

Right before the Torah says shum sum lo chok umishpat the Bnei Yisroel were wandering in the desert for three days and could not find water. Chazal tell us in Baba Kama Ein mayim eleh Torah – Water means Torah. The Zohar tells us that Torah is Hashem. Thus, the water that the Jews were searching for was Hashem. They had just witnessed awesome revelation at Yam Suf and were thirsty to see it again. They came to Marah and their desire was quenched with chok and mishpat. The Jews were able to recapture the revelation they had experienced at yam Suf through the adherence to chok and mishpat. It was not just the adherence it was the adherence for the sake of the mitzvah, for the sake of fulfilling Hashem’s desire– the lshem shimayim aspect. Their thirst for water – Torah – Hashem could only be quenched by revelation and His will.

When performing Kivud av vem, one can do it because it makes sense and one can do it because it’s a way to fulfill Hashem’s wishes. The latter begets kedusha This concept of doing a mitzvah for Hashem is kedusha into ones being. When we make a bracha we say asher kideshanu bmitzvosav- we are infused with kedusha through mitzvos.

. We see in Meseches kedushin that when Reb Yosef heard his mother coming he heard the shechinah coming. He heard the commandment of Hashem coming and not the logical precept to honor ones parents. The posuk says Magid divarav lyaakov chukav umishpatuv lyisroel lo useh chen lchul goy umishpatim lo yaduem. A jew has the ability to reach kedusha through fulfilling the wishes of Hashem. An akum can perform a mishpat and can understand it. However he hasn’t the Daas – the revelation and recognition.

This is the connection between Shabbos and bechukosei. Shabbos is Chok – doing a mitzvah because Hashem desires so. If we incorporate this idea into everything we do – Im Bchukosei Telechu even our logical deductions - the idea expressed through Shabbos and the thirst quenching episode by Marah.

Perhaps Reb Zadok is alluding to Naaseh vnishmah – the idea of existing and operating to fulfill Hashem’s desire.

Perhaps we can better understand Shabbos being meain olem habuh when the whole world will realize that He is one.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Final Thoughts

I want to end this Toby Katz thing. However, a few of my friends and acquaintances whose parents went through the gehenom gave me a poignant shekoach for my attempt to point Ms. Katz in the right direction. We all share in many of the aforementioned sentiments. If you think I was strong you should listen to what they say and their fears of some teacher imparting their views of the Holocaust and Yom Hashoah to their kids.

I think the problems are:

a)Her direct insensitivity (and not her lack of participation) to Yom Hashoah and participators and indirect insensitivity towards the survivors.
b)The frustration in there being no channel by which the observant right wingers can reflect upon the Holocaust.
c)The author is a teacher who is guilty of a) and is part of the machine that festers b) who can very well be a conduit between Judaism and your child

Keeping silent and not participating is one thing. Showing contempt and disrespect is another. I really believe that any Rebbe, Rabbi or teacher that displays contempt for any other Yid or group of Yidden must be censured. It is beyond belief that the staff at Cross-Curents would remove comments that argue with their authors but would agree to post strong antipathy for fellow Jews. I’ll even take it one step further and hold the enchanted PC wand- ask any competent Rav if they feel Ms. Toby Katz was inappropriate.


Below is a private e-mail I sent to Ms. Katz.

Ms. Katz,

I thank you for your response, certainly something you didn’t have to do. Naturally, I find it more hospitable than the censorship on cross-currents.

On the one hand, I do agree that religion and politics are 2 different spheres. The distinction however is not always so clear. What I mean is often – too often- our religion and practices get distorted by chaos that comes in the forms of our egos, politics etc. The heated debates found in every corner of every Jewish address about every nuance do not always have the search for truth as the goal. The greatest value musar has to offer is its ability to question our motives for everything. Contemplate on how much better the world would be if everyone asked themselves is my next step or utterance lshem shimayim or is it lshem my ego or personal enhancement.

On the other hand, you would have to agree that everything should and does involve religion directly or indirectly. Every decision we make throughout a day, week, month and year is a decision that is right or wrong. I think it’s a Seforno that says in the beginning of Rueh that every step can be used lbracha or lklala every step is within the capacity of bechira.

You are not religiously bound to celebrate any secular holiday. While I agree that Yom Hashoa is not strictly a religious holiday there are many experiences involving that day that can be very religious. I grew up in a chasidesheh shtiebel where the old men with the tattooed arms observed it. These guys told the world that their tormentors could not stop them from starting all over again to produce Torah living families. Is it the proper day? Is it the proper month? Were the originators the proper people? All valid questions. However, Yom Hashoah is not a secular holiday either. I’ll even say something dramatic – I would never tell any kodesh that Yom Hashoah is a secular holiday and I hope you wouldn’t either.

While no one is bound to observe Yom Hashoah (I do not observe it either) you are bound to respect it. It is a sacred experience for many survivors, their children and grand children and even for Yidden that just feel connected to the Holocaust. No one who didn’t experience it directly has the right in any fashion to question it, certainly not to belittle it. Many of the Zionists that you criticize in your prior post were survivors themselves. Furthermore, Yom Hashoah, as you assert, does celebrate the Warsaw uprising as well. Yom Hashoah has a lot more to do with the humiliation. The Holocaust was humiliation. The uprising is probably to express some pride to accompany the humiliation.

I would like to reiterate, from my comment to your post, that you are a mechaneches and your post was also geared for young neshamos. Yom Hashoah should not be a political battle ground. Furthermore, some of the ideas you expressed were mere conjecture and not so accurate. Finally and of great importance, anything of such magnitude and sensitivity as the Holocaust requires at the very least the input of a Gadol. You have to ask what would Reb Moshe have said or Reb Dovid Feinstein say.

I have volumes to write on this issue. I wouldn’t know where to start. I certainly don’t know where to end. My gut reaction to your original post had me post a comment (Number 49) where I delineate some of my issues. I think you may agree with some of them.

Holocaust study is desperately needed. The Holocaust was not just one more bad incident that befell the Jewish people. It is needed to get answers from authentic Jewish sources. It is also needed for inspiration so that our kids will know who their grandparents and great grandparents were. I am talking about the very names that they have and the responsibilities that they now carry. In a sense, every day is Yom Hashoah. Too much is at stake to ignore it. As of 5765, the right wing Torah observant world has not organized a program or a day to do this not even on Tisha B’av. The faults with Yom Hashoah certainly won’t reflect the lessons of the holocaust.

May we all be nice to each other, patient with each other, respect each other, remember the lessons of our parents and grandparents and bring the goel zedek bmheira.

Monday, May 16, 2005

On Monday the Rabbi got censored

I commented on cross-currents in response to Toby Katz's tongue in cheek post that implies that it was really the Republicans that rendered the dinosaurs extinct.

Take a look

It was deleted. Why? When I was a young lad in school and had a question the teacher would say something like the Achronim speak about it - not rip out my larynx. Is this the teacher that plans to teach our children the ways of the creator? All I wanted to know is why she feels she has more in common with a Christian Republican and needs to be defensive for their cause and cannot display the same affection for a fellow Jew.

Ms. Katz,

As a mechaneches you must be on you toes for inconsistencies. In a previous submission you not only won’t recognize but actually teach contempt for Yom Hashoah because of its Zionistic origins. Ostensibly, you feel that any benefit to be derived from it would be negated by your religious differences. However, you will come to the defense of Republicans, of whom are a large majority non Jews, as if you are of a more similar cloth.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Those who can do, those who can't......

In a recent anti Yom Hashoah article posted on the blogspot cross-currents Toby Katz writes a long argument on how and why we can’t observe it. If she weren’t a mechaneches (teacher of Jewish studies) it would be at best impractical. She, however, is a mechaneches- it is downright scary.

This magnificent display of brilliance and sensitivity can be your own child’s teacher. I took out some of the highlights and my letter to her which of course went unanswered; not necessarily because she doesn’t want to but Baruch Hashem I was #49 in the comments. It is imperative that we as responsible parents stop all indignation inflicted on our kids. Any teacher that spews poisons to our pristine link to the future must be curbed. My respectful comments to Ms. Katz:

In a nutshell you claim that Yom Hashoah can’t be distinguished as a day of remembrance because it was a Zionist proposal. You also lay claim that it was the shame of the Holocaust victim that the Zionist is trying to avoid. I don’t know how factual this all is. I also don’t know if this is sufficient of a reason not to be able to use Yom Hashoah as a remembrance. With all due respect it sounds political.

Furthermore, the holocaust is a terribly sensitive issue for the survivors, children, grandchildren and anyone who considers himself a member of the children of Israel. It is also true that it has not been addressed on a large scale by the charedi school of thought. Although Tisha Bav is the most proper time to remember the Holocaust as you point out, it is rarely addressed even on Tisha Bav. If someone wants to read up on it he is welcome to do so but there is no structured source for it in the charedi world. The only avenue is the not charedi avenues. Your suggestion would only have children looking at questionable sources for answers.

You say that you are an educator, presumably to disseminate the Torah and its truths. I am not an educator in any capacity, other than being the father of my kids. Any question that deals with large issues such as the Shoah requires at the very least, the input of Gadol. In your lengthy article you neglect to mention any Gadol’s opinion, just yours. As an educator of any capacity the truth must be the goal for the children to attain. Difficult issues require guidance not rhetoric.

Here is the link and some blurbs:

…this date marks the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and it was chosen by the Israeli government. The secular Zionists who founded the modern State of Israel thought that the Holocaust was shameful and embarrassing—to the Jews. Why had weak and pale Jews gone like sheep to the slaughter? The feeling of shame and humiliation was so strong that for decades after the war, survivors in Israel would not talk about the Holocaust. I’ve heard the same about survivors in America and Canada. The only thing that redeemed Jewish honor, the Zionists thought, was the courage and strength of the Jews who battled German soldiers in the streets of the Warsaw Ghetto. Were all the other Jews cowards and weaklings? Were the young men and women of the Warsaw Ghetto the only Jewish heroes? ….. …. They were ashamed of the shtetl Jews, the yeshiva bochorim who pored over ancient tomes. They thought it was no wonder there was so much anti-Semitism in the world, given how weak and pathetic and cowardly the Jews were. They would fix all that. They would create a New Jew. The New Jew would be brave and self-reliant. There would be a Jewish army and Jewish policemen. Jews would get their hands dirty and work the soil and be productive. They wouldn’t be parasites anymore, living off of other people’s labor in a foreign land. Everyone in the world would admire and respect the New Jew…..

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It really Happened...Remember

Thursday is Yom Hashoah. Now, if you ask any well behaved anti-Semite he will tell you it never really happened. Needless to say this is ludicrous. It is also chilling to think that it could be forgotten. So much lost - countless lives destroyed both during and after and so much Judaism annihilated. It also, to an extent, defines who we are today. Denying the Holocaust is denying not only our heritage, it denies our present existence.

I am therefore baffled as to why there is almost no Holocaust Education in our (Right wingers) Yeshivas and Shuls etc. The 2 kinos that were finally put into the kinos books are insufficient to relay the Holocaust as being more than an occurrence. Yes, there are 1001 reasons why we can’t. FDR also had 1001 reasons why he couldn’t help. (Any reason can be dealt with – Yidden gebbn an Atzuh).

Studying the Holocaust should offer great lesson learning opportunities. The Holocaust was not just the anguish of being broken. It was also the strength that rebuilt. It also provides us with how our people prioritize and what is important.

I probably did not need the formal education myself. As a kid I remember seeing the infamous tattoos on the arms of the old guys while putting on tefillin. I also remember telling my aunt that it is against Halacha to have a tattoo (She told me that she had a bad memory and it was her phone number). My very own grandfather once slipped and told me one “small” story and what they did to him. This provided the impetus to self taught Holocaust study. I am still fixated with holocaust stories and history because it explains so many of the people and events that shaped me. Studying this era is understanding me.

Without formal Holocaust study my kids will only know what the Holocaust was from myself and what they read. Their American (for the most part) grandparents were too young, I can’t really relay to them much and the media will not do it justice. Not only will they be denied the learning opportunities they will also miss out on who and why they are.

If Holocaust denial is so putrid then ignoring it should be right behind. We are cheating ourselves and our children out of one the most poignant epochs off Jewish history. The holocaust which was only 60 years ago remains as a resource of light to what and why we are as well as inspiration to what we should be. We can’t forget the history, the stories and the evil. We must never forget lessons, the inspiration and who we are and who are kids should be.

May Hashem avenge the pain and blood anybody afflicted on any Jew. May He also grant us the wisdom to learn and grow and bring the Goel Zedek.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pope Goes the Weasels

The church has selected a new Pope. He has a dubious nazi past. While it is true that Israel has sent forth positive vibes and that it is very possible as he asserts that he was forced into the nazi youth group, there is something else that rubs me the wrong way.

Had his past been checkered by any other despised group (i.e. KKK) I am fully confident that he would never been considered at all. This is even if he were exonerated because of the ugly image it may project. The issue at hand therefore should not be the popes actions rather it should be the ability of the world to swallow a man with a nazi past.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Today's news is an old story

In any given article about Israel written for the masses you can be assured the presence of inconsistencies and yellow journalism. I picked one that caught my eye. It is not al-jazeers, the guardian or the New York Times. It is ABC based on an AP report. Remember, this is not an editorial, this is plain vanilla news. It always seems that the media are consistent with the goal to minimize Palestinian terror and Israeli dissension, exaggerate the love of the failed peace plans and fabricate the viciousness of the Israeli “settler.” You can do this to any article.

I took some excerpts and commented on them.

Israel Delivers Bodies of Militants
Israeli Military Delivers Bodies of 15 Militants to Palestinians for Burial
The Associated Press

Feb. 14, 2005 - "The Israeli military delivered the bodies of 15 militants to the Palestinians for burial Monday, a handover celebrated in Gaza as the first real achievement of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, who is trying to prevent fickle militants from straying from a fragile truce. "

Examine the use of the word militant. It is an old grievance but it’s still noteworthy. Why not use the word Palestinian? Militant denotes an air of an anomaly. It implies that while most Palestinians thirst for peace there are still some rogues. It doesn’t stop there, these anomalies are not murderers mind you; they are militants. Why not call them rebels or insurgents? Militant implies that they are combating an imperfect enemy, not a pregnant woman with four children on the way home. This is further compounded by the adjective fickle which implies that there is nothing inherently decadent with the anomaly group, they are just fickle.

"The planned pullout has created a politically charged atmosphere in Israel, and prominent Israeli politicians on Monday called for detaining Jewish extremists without trial or charges in response to a wave of threats against government ministers who support the withdrawal. "

Let’s get this straight. Israelis who disagree with being displaced are extremists whose actions warrant being detained without due process. I am also to infer that it is really just a small minority of people who oppose the coveted and often revised peace map plan road etc. (which ignores the recent 130,000 plus attended demonstration.) This is in contrast to the Arabs who in unison are yearning for a peaceful coexistence.

"Tens of thousands of Gazans poured into the streets as 15 ambulances carrying the bodies of the militants rolled into Gaza City's main square, escorted by Palestinian security. Each ambulance had the name of the dead man inside on the windshield.

Dozens of armed men stood in the square, raising the banners of their factions and saluting the bodies. The Palestinian police band played the national anthem in the background.

If it is indeed so that the majority of Palestinians are yearning for a peaceful coexistence with Israel and that militants are but an anomaly why exactly were there “Tens of thousands of Gazans” pouring into the streets carrying the bodies of the militants? These militants are an anomaly to the mainstream Palestinian – why the precession of raised banners and the national anthem? These militants were not in the midst of intense battle, they were most likely hunting for some weak unarmed victims as has been the case repeatedly. Read on…..

"The militants were killed in attacks on Israeli army outposts in Gaza and other Israeli targets in the past two years. It was not clear why Israel had kept their remains. "

The militants were killed because…….? Look how they threw in the words army outpost and other Israeli targets. Why not say killed in attacks on schools, playgrounds, shopping malls and other targets? They need to mitigate the terror, after all these aren’t insurgents or terrorists these are militants. Attacking army outposts is a process of war and struggle not aggression and therefore mitigates any ugly realties of death.

"The bodies were released a day after Israel's Cabinet approved the names of 500 Palestinian prisoners to be freed, and security commanders discussed the handover of the West Bank town of Jericho to Palestinian control. All three measures are part of a package of overtures agreed on last week at a summit where Sharon and Abbas declared a cessation of 4 1/2 years of hostilities. "

Four and a half years of hostilities? Hostilities? New York and New Jersey have hostilities over the Statue of liberty. Countless attacks and over 1 thousand Israelis murdered in a one way war is not hostilities.

"Some settlers and other members of Israel's extreme right have threatened to use violence to try to block the withdrawal threats that aren't taken lightly after an extremist opponent of peace concessions assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995.

Some lawmakers who support the pullout have recently received abusive mail from extremists. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz received a meat hook in the mail; a letter to a female member of Sharon's Likud party threatened "gang rape." Sharon told the party meeting that one leaflet in circulation threatened to dig up his late wife, Lily. The family has hired guards for the grave, he said.

Where to begin? Some settlers and other members of Israel’s extreme right:

A) I thought liberals were not allowed to stereotype. Why do they assume that settlers are part of Israel’s extreme right?

B ) What is Israel’s extreme right? Who are they? What do they do? What have they done? Where does their terror stand relative to the Arabs?

The one act of violence the writer can think of is not the one committed against Mrs. Hatuel or the Bus to Emmanuel he chooses one perpetrated by a deranged man. Why didn’t the writer use the one committed by an Israeli against the family of Arabs or the “settlers” that attacked a bus full of children and pregnant mothers? Any guesses? I’ll give you a hint. There were none.

"Opposition leader Joseph Lapid said Israel has "reached the point where the security establishment is more afraid of Jews than of Palestinian terrorists."

This is just gorgeous. They are more afraid of the Jews than Palestinians. Maybe this is the gemorreh that says expressing compassion to the cruel will result in the cruelty to the compassionate.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

How much is Jewish Blood Worth?

OK Israeli Jewish blood is almost worthless. After all, its all part of the pieces process. Good its not anti Semitism its anti Zionism. I am sold. It's the other side of the world. Fine.

Update: A Jew, 48-year-old father of six, was attacked as he waited for a tow truck with his son was killed in Toronto 2 years ago. The murderer pleaded guilty after flying into a fit of rage against a group of Jewish teenagers.

Will this be a big deal? Should it be a big deal?

I would bet my next 2 paychecks that it will not be a big deal. A Jew gets stabbed to death because he was a Jew. Mind you, not the only case in the last few years (Los Angeles - twice and Antwerp are examples I can think of off hand). It also happened not too far away. I hate to ask this: if he were of any other ethnicity and was killed as a result in Toronto wouldn't it be a big deal. Shouldn't it be a big deal. I hope I'm wrong.

The Blame Game - The Anti Drug

He has yet to redeem himself from his Baruch Goldstein fiasco; however he makes some good points in his latest blog. When you're right you're right - when you're not I'll get you.

I took some excerpts from:
…..It is said that our schools bear much of the responsibility for what goes wrong among our youth. There is room for improvement, but schools are not to blame. Nor are shuls to blame, this despite the offensive and foolish practice known as kiddush clubs. We need to get away from the great American blame game, the indulgence in pop psychology by the media and charlatans. There are parents who do everything right and whose children do not turn out right. There are schools that do nearly everything right and yet some students disappoint greatly. There are mysteries to life - to every aspect of human behavior - and not everything that goes wrong has a ready explanation. ….. …..Self-esteem or its absence is the root cause of much - but certainly not all - that is untoward in the young. When a problem child is shipped off, the process is likely to further erode whatever tenuous fibers of esteem are still operational. To the greatest extent possible, a problem child should be nurtured by and among those who deeply care because they are family and have demonstrated their love. Self-esteem is the great unappreciated issue in education. We are increasingly caught up in a complicated web of standards, tests and marks. Students can overcome what they lose when they receive an inferior education. Few can overcome assaults against their self-esteem. With their dual curriculum, our schools have in an important sense two entry points to challenge how students feel about themselves. There is, I am certain, a correlation among Orthodox teens between low self-esteem and wrongful behavior. Our school officials contribute to the difficulties facing our youth by being too hasty in ridding themselves of students who don't meet standards. When a student's behavior adversely affects other students, there usually are grounds for expulsion. Not doing well academically is not an adequate ground, a position that I have expressed for many years, but few school officials agree with me. It is intolerable that one person, usually the principal, has the sole say on who stays and who does not. When the prospect of expulsion arises, there must be a process involving several persons who are competent to decide. I cannot understand why the Orthodox community tolerates the sinful practice of allowing one person to make so vital a decision regarding the life of a youngster. There is no halachic justification for the practice. Expulsion and other severe punishment obviously attacks self-esteem. The sins of those who act hastily toward our young directly beget the sins committed by those who engage in wrongful behavior.