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Bchukosei and Shabbos

To sum up the first Pri Zadok of Bechukosei look at the first and last paragraphs. To get something out of it - look how he gets there. Getting there is half the fun.

Directly preceding Parshas Bechukosei is the posuk that discusses shabbos. Why? The Michilta in Beshalech tells us that Shabbos is chok. It says by Marah Shum sum lo (There He gave them) chok umishpat – Chok is Shabbos and mishpat is honoring one’s parents.

Why is Mishpat Kivud av Vem and Shabbos chok?

Honoring one’s parents is a logical deduction. Chazal tell us in Kedushin and in the Midrash about the wonderful display of honor bestowed upon the parents of certain Akum. Why asks Reb Zadok did Chazal do this? We see that the gemara in Erchun tells us its user to to say kamuh nueh akum zeh? Therefore, Chazal weren’t telling us their masim rather it was a result of their reckoning. The whole world recognizes the mitzvah of Kivud av vem – it epitomizes logic.

Why is Shabbos a chok? First let’s understand what a chok is. The midrash in this weeks parsha tells us that while all kings set forth rules and policies and have their subjects carry them through Hashem performs His rules first. Bchukosei teleichu – the chukim – through these I was chukka – fashioned- the heavens and the earth. Hashem is conveying to us that to go in His path – His Midos - which is the very same medium by which He created the world.

Which mitzvah is to be fulfilled because Hashem wants us to emulate Him? Shabbos. He rested – we rest. What about the mitzvos like tefilin and davening which have Him doing it also? Unlike shabbos those ideas are learned through derashes and not stated outright – keep shabbos because I He created the woeld in six days and He rested on the seventh.

Reb Zadok gives some insight to the whole Marah episode when the Torah says shum sum lo chok umishpat.

Right before the Torah says shum sum lo chok umishpat the Bnei Yisroel were wandering in the desert for three days and could not find water. Chazal tell us in Baba Kama Ein mayim eleh Torah – Water means Torah. The Zohar tells us that Torah is Hashem. Thus, the water that the Jews were searching for was Hashem. They had just witnessed awesome revelation at Yam Suf and were thirsty to see it again. They came to Marah and their desire was quenched with chok and mishpat. The Jews were able to recapture the revelation they had experienced at yam Suf through the adherence to chok and mishpat. It was not just the adherence it was the adherence for the sake of the mitzvah, for the sake of fulfilling Hashem’s desire– the lshem shimayim aspect. Their thirst for water – Torah – Hashem could only be quenched by revelation and His will.

When performing Kivud av vem, one can do it because it makes sense and one can do it because it’s a way to fulfill Hashem’s wishes. The latter begets kedusha This concept of doing a mitzvah for Hashem is kedusha into ones being. When we make a bracha we say asher kideshanu bmitzvosav- we are infused with kedusha through mitzvos.

. We see in Meseches kedushin that when Reb Yosef heard his mother coming he heard the shechinah coming. He heard the commandment of Hashem coming and not the logical precept to honor ones parents. The posuk says Magid divarav lyaakov chukav umishpatuv lyisroel lo useh chen lchul goy umishpatim lo yaduem. A jew has the ability to reach kedusha through fulfilling the wishes of Hashem. An akum can perform a mishpat and can understand it. However he hasn’t the Daas – the revelation and recognition.

This is the connection between Shabbos and bechukosei. Shabbos is Chok – doing a mitzvah because Hashem desires so. If we incorporate this idea into everything we do – Im Bchukosei Telechu even our logical deductions - the idea expressed through Shabbos and the thirst quenching episode by Marah.

Perhaps Reb Zadok is alluding to Naaseh vnishmah – the idea of existing and operating to fulfill Hashem’s desire.

Perhaps we can better understand Shabbos being meain olem habuh when the whole world will realize that He is one.


Blogger AMSHINOVER said...

1)a mitzvah is to be fulfilled because Hashem wants us to emulate Him
2)we do mitzvos because Hashem desires so.
3)G-d created the world bec. HE desired to.
So by doing mitzvos i do HIS will,therby emulating HIM.which is HIS will.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Shragie said...

>3)G-d created the world bec. HE desired to.

Last night I went to a shiur where the Rav was tackling the reason why the goodies in store for those who follow Bhukosei seileichu are physical. Through this Pri Zadok we see that we have the ability to be Chokak-create the world-like Hashem did

3:46 PM  

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