Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It really Happened...Remember

Thursday is Yom Hashoah. Now, if you ask any well behaved anti-Semite he will tell you it never really happened. Needless to say this is ludicrous. It is also chilling to think that it could be forgotten. So much lost - countless lives destroyed both during and after and so much Judaism annihilated. It also, to an extent, defines who we are today. Denying the Holocaust is denying not only our heritage, it denies our present existence.

I am therefore baffled as to why there is almost no Holocaust Education in our (Right wingers) Yeshivas and Shuls etc. The 2 kinos that were finally put into the kinos books are insufficient to relay the Holocaust as being more than an occurrence. Yes, there are 1001 reasons why we can’t. FDR also had 1001 reasons why he couldn’t help. (Any reason can be dealt with – Yidden gebbn an Atzuh).

Studying the Holocaust should offer great lesson learning opportunities. The Holocaust was not just the anguish of being broken. It was also the strength that rebuilt. It also provides us with how our people prioritize and what is important.

I probably did not need the formal education myself. As a kid I remember seeing the infamous tattoos on the arms of the old guys while putting on tefillin. I also remember telling my aunt that it is against Halacha to have a tattoo (She told me that she had a bad memory and it was her phone number). My very own grandfather once slipped and told me one “small” story and what they did to him. This provided the impetus to self taught Holocaust study. I am still fixated with holocaust stories and history because it explains so many of the people and events that shaped me. Studying this era is understanding me.

Without formal Holocaust study my kids will only know what the Holocaust was from myself and what they read. Their American (for the most part) grandparents were too young, I can’t really relay to them much and the media will not do it justice. Not only will they be denied the learning opportunities they will also miss out on who and why they are.

If Holocaust denial is so putrid then ignoring it should be right behind. We are cheating ourselves and our children out of one the most poignant epochs off Jewish history. The holocaust which was only 60 years ago remains as a resource of light to what and why we are as well as inspiration to what we should be. We can’t forget the history, the stories and the evil. We must never forget lessons, the inspiration and who we are and who are kids should be.

May Hashem avenge the pain and blood anybody afflicted on any Jew. May He also grant us the wisdom to learn and grow and bring the Goel Zedek.


Blogger AMSHINOVER said...

purim,chanuka,heck yosef and the brothers are stories that have been taught to us over and over, yet most deny them,why would the holocaust differ?

3:35 PM  
Blogger Shragie said...

I could live with the denial of anything by hating anti-smites. Its the dumb stuff we do that bothers me.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Adolph Abdul said...

It never happened. By the way, the Israleis are Nazis

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. There are programs st yeshivas and BY's that deal with churban europe, usually in older grades. (You will have to wait for your kids to get older)
2. Hespedim and availus are assur in Nisan, hence the problem with yom hasoah

2:12 PM  
Blogger Shragie said...

>Hespedim and availus are assur in Nisan

First, dont make hespedim. Second, lets say it can't be done in Nisan - Its been 60 years - whats the alternative?

11:46 AM  

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