Thursday, June 09, 2005

On Thursday the rabbi got censored...again!!!

On Cross-Currents Ms Toby Katz wrote a response letter to me as follows:

Seeing Is Believing:

I Wrote:You distorted the private letter. The writer implies that teachers and rabbis must be careful with what they say in the capacity of tolerance. The actions commited by those charedim are not necesarily the teachings of their teachers. However, you nor anyone else cannot deny the negative teachings that are being taught in right wing yeshivos.That you bring those stories from the irrational abortion clinic people and the Gore story is just a way to discredit and invalidate the writer. the facts and data remain - there is a problem in our world and its not getting resolved. Any amount of hate monging by our Rabbis, teachers or congregants cannot be tolerated.Maybe I am right some teachers and rebbeim have to learn how to respect others .


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