Thursday, June 09, 2005

Who needs Nazis and Arabs? We Have our own.

I read Marvin Schick on cross Currents.

Seeing is Believing:

He described an incident in Bet Shemesh where Charedim pelted Yom Haatzmeut participators with eggs. This story begs for more publicity. This is not just merely a bad anecdote; this signifies a problem within our people that must be uprooted immediately. It is no secret that vicious hate breeds among some of us right wingers. We right wingers who try to be scrupulous with every nuance within Halacha cannot let this calamity slip by. You have to ask yourself where do these ideas and resulting behavior fester? Too many of our teachers and rabbis are occupied with the ills of all other circles. Our leaders and teachers must focus in on respect not rhetoric. Teachers, Rabbis and any other spokesman that spews hate must be censured or removed. As Mr. Schick ends his blog ..When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?


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