Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rated G

for: G -ive me a break.

As you probably heard by now Steven Speilberg’s movie, “Munich”, depicts the Mossad as trigger happy militants.

The facts remain that 11 Israeli Olympians were murdered. Their murderers were snuffed out by the mossad. Justice, albeit fractionally, prevailed. This is rudimentary humanism. What, pray tell, could have contorted Spielberg’s imagination to produce this drivel?

Sorry Steve, the concept of good and evil exists. People killing people is evil. Arabs killing Jews is evil. Evil is bad. Do you subscribe to relativism? Would relativism suit you if one of these lowlives were to violently malign you or your family? Is relativism your opium for appeasement?

Or are you petrified like the rest of us?